Lithium rechargeable battery with switch


Lithium ion polymer Rechargeable Battery battery with charger, switch and JST connector.

Make your Otto robot rechargeable, with this fantastic battery integrated with a USB charger, that is enough to power your most ambitious Otto robots motors and you can quickly interchange to another keep your class or robot running.

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Easy and small integrated charger inside the battery

  • Micro USB direct input that you can simply connect to your regular phone charger or computer USB ports.
  • Battery protection IC with overcurrent, overvoltage, under voltage and short circuit protection.
  • Built-in battery anti-reverse protection.
  • Toggle switch to turn on and off your robot.
  • Charging indicator: red light during charging and green/blue light when is full.
  • Fast recharging, one and a half hour to fully charge 650mAh.