Otto DIY Humanoid


Otto now with arms and an expressive LED mouth!

👩‍💻 Fully Programable with Blockly or Arduino
⚙️ Metal gear motors
👣 Walk & dance
🦇 Avoid obstacles
🔊 Sounds
📱 Bluetooth BLE
👇 Touch sensor
🎤 Sound sensor
👅 LED mouth
💪 Arms & grippers

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A step forward into the educational robot revolution, it can do all the same features his predecessors do but now includes arms to look similar to a “Human”

Building a biped robot that moves around like a person is a significant challenge, you don’t need much experience to build a robot like Otto. Humanoid is also sturdier than the previous versions and includes various upgrade it’s code and design. Uses same legs and feet that are easy to assemble, also it’s a bit bigger giving more space for electronic components, cables and batteries.

Instructions and 3D files here: Otto DIY Humanoid Instruction manual and codes

Our smartphone APP  allows control of all moves, speed sounds, emotional gestures, even create your own dance choreography and do some basic coding. 

Otto DIY App iOS apple store Iphone Otto DIY APP Google Play Store Android

Maker Kit option is good for creators, this kit includes all the electronic parts you need to make your own Otto DIY Humanoid robot.

  • 6 x metal servos
  • Nano ATmega328
  • Nano I/O shield
  • USB cable
  • BLE Bluetooth module
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Sound sensor
  • Touch sensor
  • Matrix of 8×8 LEDs to express emotions and show up to 30 of the predefined mouths or create your own.
  • DuPont cables
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • AA battery case with switch (batteries not included)

The Builder Kit includes everything the maker kit has + the plastic shell (3D printed PLA head, feet, legs and body).

Additional information

Weight 440 g
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 15 cm

Builder, Maker


Silver head with white body


No Soldering required


4AA Not included