Humanoid + LED mouth modular expansion set


Now Otto is modular, so you can add this expansion to any of your starter Otto and transform it into a Humanoid robot!

With this expansion your robot will have this extra functionalities:

💪 Arms with grippers
🎤 Sound sensor
👅 LED mouth

You must buy or previously have an Otto DIY Starter to complete this Humanoid expansion

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Building a biped robot that moves around like a person is a significant challenge, but you don’t need much experience to build a robot like Otto. Humanoid is also sturdier than the previous versions and includes various upgrade it’s code and design. Uses same legs and feet that are easy to assemble, also it’s a bit bigger giving more space for electronic components and cables making it much easier to handle.

This builder kit includes all the electronic parts + the 3D printed plastic shell you need;

  • Humanoid expansor
  • 2 x Arms
  • 2 x Servos
  • Sound sensor
  • Matrix mouth holder
  • Matrix of 8×8 LEDs to express emotions and show up to 30 of the predefined mouths or create your own. (not soldered)
  • DuPont cables
  • Otto DIY Starter parts are NOT included in this set

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some soldering required

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