Otto Combo 3 in 1 robot kit


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Build 3 different robots with this kit that includes all you need to build one by one out of the box.


📱 Bluetooth module for App remote control

👩‍💻 Simple Programming with Otto Blockly or Arduino
🔧 Robotics Kit easy to build
📃 Instruction manual included
🔋 Rechargeable battery included
🔌 Integrated USB charger
👣 Walks & dances
🦇 Avoids obstacles
🔊 Makes emotional sounds and melodies
🧱 Expandable and modular
💪 Arms with grippers
🎤 Reacts to claps and noises
👅 Expressive LED mouth
🌡️ Temperature + 💧 Humidity sensor
👇 Touch interaction
🖥️ OLED mouth Display


What includes?

🖥️ Otto Nano Microcontroller I/O board
🔌 Micro USB cable
🔋 Rechargeable battery already included!
📃 Printed Instruction Manual
⚙️ 6 x micro servo motors with set of screws.
🦇 Ultrasonic sensor
🔊 Buzzer
🌈 DuPont easy to connect cables
Phillips screwdriver
🎤Sound sensor
👅Matrix of 8×8 LEDs
👇Touch sensor
🌡️ DHT Temperature and humidity sensor
🖥️ OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels

  • 3D printed Expansor
  • 3D printed OLED mouth holder
  • 3D printed Humanoid expansor
  • 3D printed Arms
  • 3D printed Matrix mouth holder
  • 3D Printed head
  • 3D Printed body
  • 3D Printed legs
  • 3D Printed feet

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