Otto Ninja™ Starter kit


Unique robot that walks and transforms into a wheeled racer!

For Humanoid version click here

Build & program your Ninja robot right out of the box. 

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The most versatile educational robot in the world to learn robotics.

Build your own robot like a Ninja 🐱‍👤

This is the first emotional modular EdTech Arduino robot that can walks & rolls!


⚙️ Metal gear servos – its joints!
🔊 Buzzer – makes sound emotions!
🦇 Ultrasonic sensor – its eyes!
👀 LED matrix emotional eyes to swap
🕹️ Button – interacts
📱 Wireless communication – for remote controlling
🔋 Rechargeable battery & switch
🔧 Magnetized screwdriver
📃 Building manual
3D printed parts & screws


Build out of the box


What can Otto Ninja do?

Otto Ninja can walk, transform, roll, show emotions, dance, sense motion & objects


Coding from beginner to advanced

Program Otto Ninja to think on it’s own using block-based coding with Blockly or C++ with Arduino IDE.


Want to just play? 

Via the kits wireless communication module, remote control your Otto Ninja by connecting to your mobile or tablet to race or have fun battles!

Choose between two awesome kits or take both!

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Additional information

Weight 500 g



No Soldering required


Rechargeable included