Ottoky Internet of Things robot (IoT) kit, hands on programming with easy plug and play modules


Ottoky is the Otto you know with the power of the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Simple Programming with Blockly or Arduino
πŸ”§ Robotics Kit easy to build
βš™οΈ Servo motors
πŸ‘£ Walks & dances
πŸ”Š Create your own emotional sounds and melodies
πŸŽ›οΈ Potentiometer input sensor
πŸ‘‡ Touch & Buttons for fast interactions
πŸ–₯️ OLED Display
πŸš₯ Neopixel RGB light
🌐 Internet of Things & Wifi
πŸ‘“ Augmented Reality
🧠 Artificial Intelligence
🧱 Building Blocks compatible

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Otto DIY and Tokylabs; two innovative companies in the Educational technology have partnered to bring Ottoky to life.

An all in one biped robot kit that interacts with Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, the perfect integration of hands-on robotics for your classroom/home education. Create STEM projects in no time without previous experience, including Electronics and Coding,Β 

Plug & Play. Connect our wide variety of sensors and actuators in the most intuitive way. No need to use breakout boards, breadboards or soldering or complex connexions. Fully compatible with any kind of Arduino or maker kind sensors and actuators.

First time doing Internet of Things?

This comprehensive step by step guide with videos and audio in English or Spanish will to have you up and running in a day. Ottoky is part of the next generation of desktop companion robots, compatible with Lego blocks. FREE online course full of educational resources for youΒ to become a Pro! or teach to your students, while having your own personal robot friend.

Course Class 1
Course Class 2
Course Class 3
Course Class 4
Course Class 5-6
Course Class 7-8

IoT is one of the most important industries nowadays. This is one of the few courses in the world that enables young students to make IoT projects with no difficulties.

Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without soldering. Understand the principles of electronics connecting in the most intuitive way, a large variety of sensors and actuators.

When you are done, share it with the entire community so they can enjoy what you invented! This is the swiss army knife for students and makers.

What is Tokymaker?

“Tokymaker” is the core brain of Ottoky, a powerful board that works with a bunch of cool extra material for unleashing the inventor in you. From the ideation to the reality in a blink of eyes. It combines Online Programming and Hardware creation for beginners. Ottoky is the start but you can create a bunch of cool projects with the same board!

Tokymaker isn’t just about DIY building, it is an intuitive way for young and adults to learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming, Internet of Things and solve problems creatively. It combines Online Programming and Offline Hardware creation for beginners. It works with a bunch of cool extra material for unleashing the inventor in you.
From the ideation to the reality in a blink of eyes. It also has tons of Projects made by us in our community. Every project transforms Tokymaker into something else – Β a game, a hydroponics system, or watch-dog alarm.

– 1x Neopixel RGB(Red Green and Blue) LED
– 2x Push Buttons
– 3x Touch Buttons
– Bluetooth (for Wireless coding, communications and App control)
– Wifi (for IoT projects)
– OLED Blue Screen display
– 5x Analog Inputs
– 5x Output (1 Amp per Output)
– Ultrasound or AI camera Input Port
– Protective Cover Case
– Micro USB port for Power and alternative coding.
– Battery port
– (Compatible with any Arduino sensor kit)


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Weight 300 g

Maker, Builder




No Soldering required


4AA Not included