Ottoky educational robot kit with IoT + AR + AI all in one


Ottoky is the Otto you know with the innovation you love. Internet of Things robot + Augmented Reallity + Artificial Intelligence,

Similar to Otto robots but now powered by Tokymaker, isn’t just about DIY building, it is an intuitive way for young and adults to learn the fundamentals of Robotics and solve problems creatively.

👩‍💻 Easy and fast to code with Blockly via 📱 Bluetooth
♻️ Nylon gear motors
👣 Walk & dance
🔊 Sounds
🎛️ Potentiometer
👇 Touch & Buttons
🖥️ OLED Display
🚥 Neopixel RGB light
🌐 Internet of Things & Wifi
👓 Augmented Reality
🧠 Artificial Intelligence
🧱 Building Blocks

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Two innovative companies in the Educational technology have partner to bring Ottoky to life.

All in one robot kit that interacts with Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, the perfect integration of hands-on STEM learning for your classroom/home education


Ottoky is part of the next generation of smart robots already compatible with Lego blocks this is just the beginning more expansions and applications to come as well as free courses and educational content included in the kit.

It comes with this FREE online course full of educational resources for you to become a Pro! or teach to your students.

Possible to 🦇 Avoid obstacles if add an ultrasonic sensor.

Tokymaker works with a bunch of cool extra material for unleashing the inventor in you. From the ideation to the reality in a blink of eyes. It combines Online Programming and Hardware creation for beginners.

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Weight 300 g



White head with white body


No Soldering required


4AA Not included


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