Otto DIY Wheels kit


Otto with wheels is here! do you want your robot to go faster then Wheels is the way to go.

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You can create am Arduino obstacle avoiding robot or a  sumo robot, remote control car or even a line follower.

Add more sensors depending of what you want your robot to do.

Otto is super easy to make, assemble and code. You have plenty software options from novice to advanced or professional.


👩‍💻 Simple Programming with Blockly
🔧 Robotics Kit easy to build
🔋 Rechargeable battery included
🔌 Integrated USB charger
🦇 Avoids obstacles
🐁Maze solver
🔊 Makes emotional sounds and melodies
🧱 Expandable and modular

Maker kit includes:

🖥️ Otto Nano Microcontroller I/O board
🔌 Micro USB cable
🔋 Rechargeable battery already included!
📃 Printed Instruction Manual
⚙️ 2 x 360 servos
2 x Wheels with tires
Caster ball
🪛 Phillips screwdriver

3D print the plastic parts using our free .STL files or with the same components you could choose from more than 100 robot remix projects appearances made by the Otto Builder community.

Instructions Manual and .STL files for 3D printing you can download from here.

Builder kit includes:

Everything the Maker kit has + all the plastic shell parts (head, feet, legs and body) 3D Printed in Europe. The color of the plastic parts might vary upon availability.

All our kit includes all hardware needed, free access to online learning courses in Otto Academy, and dedicated full support, making it ideal for remote teaching, home schooling, and self-learning.

You could also control via our Bluetooth app by buying an additional Bluetooth module.

*The box packaging is different for EU (cardboard) and the rest of the world (plastic)

Additional information

Weight 253 g
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 cm

Maker, Builder


Green head with white body, Orange head with white body


No Soldering required


Rechargeable included